The flagbearers had their turn, eighteen of them, each had no more than three minutes. They all spoke beautifully but Samura Kamara dowsed the hall with a witty submission referring to the current circumstances as a dual transition of the party and of his political journey.

Kamara asserted that he did not lose the elections in 2018, victory was stolen from him.

He further said that since 2018, he has transitioned from being a technocrat to what he called ‘trchno’-politician’.

Confident of victory not just at his party NDC but also the national polls, he affirmed that on June 24, he would emerge as the techno-president of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

His powerful submission received unparalleled popular accalamation! By all indication, the Conference’s solid reaction to Samura Kamara statement represents an unmistakable prediction of what could be the outcome of the main opposition APC’s Flagbearer election.

Stay tuned more details….