Sierra Leonean footballer and Chicago Fire striker, Kei Kamara, has delivered a powerful message calling on his fellow countrymen to uphold peace and stability in Sierra Leone as the nation gears up for the upcoming general elections on June 24th.

In a heartfelt video message, Kamara, affectionately referring to himself as a son of the soil and an ex-Leone star player, expressed his deep love for his country and his unwavering desire to see it thrive.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining a peaceful atmosphere, particularly for the benefit of Sierra Leone’s youth, who are the future of the nation.

Hello! This is your child, your brother, ex-Leone star footballer, Kei Kamara, ambassador of mama Salone,” Kamara began his address. “Election is coming, but we have to remember that Sierra Leone belongs to all of us, and let’s come together to improve the country. Sierra Leone does not belong to APC or SLPP; rather, it belongs to you and I. So if any party wins the election, it is Sierra Leone that has won.”

Highlighting the potential consequences of violence and strife, Kamara stressed that any harm inflicted upon the nation would be a collective loss for all its citizens.

Reflecting on Sierra Leone’s arduous journey from adversity, he expressed his hope to witness the country’s progress and ability to compete with other nations in Africa.

“We have come from a far journey of suffering, and now we want to see our country progressing and competing with other countries in Africa. We have seen some development in diverse areas in the country, in agriculture, education, infrastructure, and more,” Kamara affirmed.

Encouraging peaceful civic participation, Kamara urged the Sierra Leonean people to cast their votes peacefully and return to their homes. He called for the protection of one another and emphasized the collective responsibility to safeguard their nation’s well-being.

See video below;