Renowned lawyer and stalwart member of the All People’s Congress (APC), Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, has expressed optimism about the potential learning opportunities stemming from President Julius Maada Bio’s participation in the Clean Cook Summit.

The summit, aimed at addressing the widespread practice of cooking meals over open fires and traditional stoves prevalent across the continent, has garnered significant attention from advocates of sustainable living and environmental conservation.

He emphasized, β€œMost Africans, we are told, still cook their meals over open fires and traditional stoves. Apart from the Chair and Co- chair, President Bio, will be the ONLY President participant at the Clean Cook Summit. We await lessons on how to cook and eat sweet pemahun and cassava leaves.”

Kamara highlighted the significance of President Bio’s involvement, noting that he will be the sole sitting president among the participants, aside from the summit’s Chair and Co-chair. This distinction underscores President Bio’s commitment to addressing pressing environmental issues and promoting sustainable cooking practices within Sierra Leone and across Africa.

In a statement, Kamara emphasized the importance of transitioning away from traditional cooking methods, citing their adverse effects on health and the environment. He expressed eagerness to learn from President Bio’s experiences and insights garnered from the summit, particularly regarding the preparation of traditional Sierra Leonean dishes like sweet pemahun and cassava leaves.

The Clean Cook Summit serves as a platform for leaders, innovators, and advocates to collaborate on solutions aimed at improving access to clean cooking technologies and reducing household air pollution.