The Presidential candidate of the main opposition All People’s Congress(APC) party Dr. Samura Kamara has given reasons for his meeting with the Members of the British Parliament.

Dr. Samura after his meeting earlier today 9th May 2023 went on social media to inform his supporters and give reasons for his meeting which are related to the upcoming June 24th election.

He stated he is engaging international partners to seek support for free, fair, and transparent elections come June 24th, 2023.

“As the Presidential Candidate of the APC, it is crucial that I engage International partners and seek support for free, fair, and transparent elections”.

He said as a way of ensuring the upcoming elections are conducted in a way that will reflect the will of the people, he decided to meet with the Foreign Affairs Select Committee which is a key player in the election process as they have the power to advocate for domestic values.

He continued that it is essential that the election process is conducted peacefully and transparently, as engaging with international partners demonstrates his willingness to work collectively to ensure a fair and transparent election process.

” This is a crucial aspect of any democratic process and helps to ensure that the will of the people is accurately represented.