Former Attorney General And Minister of Justice, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, has voiced deep concern over the recent incidents occurring across the country in the lead-up to the June 24th general election.

He has called upon the security forces to remain impartial and uphold professionalism in the execution of their duties.

Kamara has closely observed the preparations being made by the election management bodies for the forthcoming election and has become increasingly apprehensive about the prevailing situation.

In a statement, he expressed worry over the escalating acts of violence originating from various regions as the general elections draw nearer. Kamara emphasized that the nation is not prepared for anything that may disrupt the hard-earned peace.

The surge in political violence has reached unprecedented levels. The country stands on the precipice, and we have already paid the heavy toll of war. We cannot afford to go down that path again! We implore the security forces to maintain their neutrality and professionalism in ensuring peace and stability. The government must prioritize representing the interests of the people over any particular political party. We are one nation,” Kamara declared.

His statement reflects the urgent need for all stakeholders, including the security forces and the government, to take immediate action to address the escalating violence and restore calm ahead of the crucial general election. Kamara’s plea underscores the importance of upholding the democratic principles of a peaceful and fair electoral process in order to preserve the unity and progress of the nation.