After over two years in prison for a bailable offence, opposition leader Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray still languishing in prison cell with several indications and medical advises that he may die in prison if access to urgent medical surgery for Cancer and other life threatening ailments is not provided.

Kamarainba was arrested on 17th July 2020 by police following complaint of an alleged Sexual Penetration of a 15-year-old schoolgirl.

On 7th September last year he was granted bail, but the judiciary has refused to set him free, claiming that  he has failed to meet his bail conditions  Kamarainba is still locked up behind bars in the country’s maximum-security prison despite several court sittings that are yet to find him guilty of wrongdoing.

Senior state medical doctors have confirmed that Kamaraimba has serious medical issues which he need immediate attention. He has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer by two medical doctor while in detention