Sierra Leone opposition Alliance Democratic Party Leader, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray is currently languishing in jail following failure to meet bail conditions which required him to submit his travelling documents including his American passport to the Court.

Recall that Kamarainba’s lawyer had initially told the court in two sworn affidavits that he does not have an American passport but later admitted having one, which he said, got burnt when fire engulfed his house in Makeni in 2018.

The Master and Registrar Elaine Thomas-Archibald requested a police report to ascertain the fire incident of Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray’s house in Makeni during the 2018 Elections.

It was reported that Kamarainba had his old Sierra Leone passport destroyed during that fire incident in Makeni.

The Police Report was prepared the very moment it was requested and needed the approval of the LUC before it can be given out. However, Musa Alieu, LUC of the Palap Police Branch in Makeni indicated that he will not give the police report.

The LUC, Musa Allieu further instructed that a letter should be sent to the Inspector General of Police and copy Eight (8) more senior Police officers before he can give a mere police report.

The Lead Defence Lawyer, Emmanuel Saffa Abdulia wrote the letters as requested and delivered by his clerk. The Police LUC, Musa Allieu further refused to provide the incident report.

“I spoke to the LUC, Musa Allieu as a Human Rights activist and he told me that he will not give out the police report knowing fully well that the Police report is needed for the approval of Kamarainba’s bail.”, Sonia Smart a Human Rights Advocate said.

As you can recalled, the Master and Registrar Madam Elaine Thomas-Archibald requested that police report as the only document she needs before she can sign off on the bail for Kamarainba’s release from prison.

Another Defense Lawyer, Samuel M. Konteh spoke to the Inspector general on Thursday 16th September 2021, and I.G, Ambrose Micheal SOVULA faithfully promised lawyer Konteh to go to Makeni and get the report.

According to the Inspector General of Police, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray is entitled to his own police report as it relates to every citizen of Sierra Leone. Lawyer S.M Konteh traveled to Makeni the same evening on Thursday and spent the entire weekend in Makeni. The Police report was not given to him.

Please see the above Police Report from Makeni as prepared and the letter sent to the Inspector General of Police Ambrose M. Sovula and copied appropriate police personnel as requested by the LUC Palap Police Branch in Makeni.