The Leader of the National Grand Coalition (NGC) in Parliament Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella who was appointed as Chairman of the Special Select Committee for Certificate Audit has told journalists outside the parliament building that his committee will be engaging stakeholders in the education sector to find ways in preventing the proliferation fake degrees in the country.

Yumkella dismissed the notion that investigation into the issue of fake degree was dead, saying the committee will look into the issue of fake degrees in the system after which they will create preventive measures to ensure that more individuals do not enter universities with such fake certificates.

He assured all that the audit will continue, revealing that he has a secretariat and an office space to carry out the affairs of the committee. He also stated that they are presently conducting research to find out how other countries have dealt with such an issue.

Highlighting the order in which the engagement will take place, the MP stated that the process will commence on the 21st to the 25th November 2022, and that on the 21st they will be separately dealing with the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) and the Students Union leaders.

Yumkella noted that it is essential to engage the students because they normally indulge in the act whether knowingly or unknowingly. He stated that he would want to hear from them, on their views over the issue.

He added that on the 23rd they’ll be meeting with the Chancellors Associations, a body that has all the chancellors and deputy chancellors of the different universities across the country; a meeting that will be held at Fourah Bay College (FBC). The MP said that the college’s Senior Staff Association, the Minister of Tertiary and Higher Education amongst other stakeholders, are to help design a roadmap in solving the problem.

The Chairman stated that fictitious qualifications could negatively impact society, and drew a scenario of how the dire implications could be, should a medical person with such papers, treats people in the community.