The leader of the defunct KKYM, Kandeh Yumkeleh has dodged a criminal record in exchange for cleaning toilets, says a report by Patric Foryoh.

According to court records, Yumkela was booked by the U.K police after being caught doing 100m/h in a 45m/h zone on the morning of October 15.

According to the charge sheet, the wannabe politician was nailed while driving his BMW.

KKYM team confirmed their leader was arrested for a traffic violation, but said he was let off the hook after being given a diversion programme by prosecutors.

“He went to court for a traffic violation and got a diversion deal,” said a KKYM source.

“[It’s] more like community service, whereby one cleans toilets or assists with small work at the the local bus company.”

But team KKYM would not reveal what his community service would be.

“It’s too embarrassing for us to mention it.”

Police spokesman Desmond Smith said: “We can confirm the police were investigating a case of reckless and negligent driving.

“It was later withdrawn at court and the accused was referred to a diversion programme.

“The reason for such a decision may be explained by the department of justice.”