The Timber Association has recently got a serious issue of concern since March this year when Chernor A.S Daboh was appointed by the Ministry of environment and climate change to serve as an interim chairman of the timber association with certain mandates to get the sector running peacefully and get the peace it deserves.

Daboh was given the mandate to provide an audt report and review of the constitution of th association and report has t that together with hos executive they have completed the task at hand, adding that, the association has already issued ID cards to its membership in 2022 through the country to individual that deal wth the product.

He added that, his office have been receiving complaints of poor payments of membership dues since logging is intermittently stopped by the authorities.

He said, they were now arranging on how to organize distrct and national elections when the whle issue went to a stop due to certan reasons, adding that, three months ago his interim vice chairman hafis essay was allegedly conniving with other individuals witin the association to unseat him and have the vice chairman installed as the chairman of the association.

After many plans and actions Daboh revealed that his vice chairman and others are accused of contravening articles 3,8 and 9 of the constitution of the association.

The aggrivd members of the association reported that, Police AIG Mustapha Turay who is handling the matter has fale to follow due processes in terms of investigations, and that, the AIG has taken sides already with the breakaway executive and scaled off the association’s office as well as the timber depot at mile 91.

The police were also allegedly tricked into calling a number purporting to be that of Daboh during which the respondent who was impersonating him said he will not answer the police summon.