Saturday 23rd April 2022, members of Parliament representing the three constituencies in Kenema city in a united force visited five Ataya Bases in Kenema city.

Hon.Francis Amara Kaisamba of constituency 020 who doubles as parliamentary caucus leader Kenema district and chairman committee on finance in parliament,Hon.Boston Munda of constituency 021 who doubles as Chairman committee on information and communications in the house of Parliament, and Hon.Mathew Sahr Nyuma, Leader of Government Business in the well of Sierra Leone’s Parliament and also head of Sierra Leone’s delegation to the African Caribbean Pacific and European Union Parliament.

The Ataya Bases visited include Wisdom tree ,One word, Baghdad,Young stars and House of Pain Ataya Base and corporative.

According to the three MPs,the said Ataya bases visited have been very loyal to the activities of the Rulling Sierra Leone People’s Party and therefore deserved the said visit and more especially during this holy month of Ramadan.

During the historic move by the three seating MPs, each center received a bag of rice 50kg and the sum of One million Leones ( *1,000,000*) as sunakatie for the holy month of Ramadan.

Some of their messages were,for members of those centers to continue being steadfast towards the activities of the SLPP especially as they are about to go into the next general elections come 2023, to continue showing gratitude to members of the Ataya Bases visited for their tremendous work towards the progress of their party over the years, to make the family relationship more compatible than ever before for the good of all, and to continue instilling hope in them with the leader of President Bio.

What also came out very clear during the said visit was the over excitement by members of those five places to see all three seating MPs within the city of Kenema working as a united force.

It was a record breaking moment in the history of politics in Kenema city to see all three members of Parliament living as brothers and sharing many things in common.

It could be recalled that the relationship of these MPs started the day they were awarded the symbols to represent their various constituents in parliament and to date, their relationship continues to grow every now and then.

The collaborative tour by these MPs left many in surprises as some youth confessed how they have wrongly perceived their relationship over the years.

Members of the various centers visited expressed autmost joy over the collaboration among the three MPs as they described their visits as timely and called for and prayed for a more collaborative effort for the development of Kenema city.