Chief Immigration Officer (CIO) Hon. Alusine Kanneh has donated 50 million old Leones to to revive the struggling Kenema football team, Kamboi Eagles,

The donation follows a meeting where the interim executive, including Alie Ahmed Alie, Christian Elogema Vandi, and M.S. Barrie, highlighted the club’s challenges, such as poor structure and lack of accountability, which have driven away supporters and potential investors.

The executive called for an urgent stakeholders’ meeting to address the club’s issues, emphasizing the need for financial support to cover salaries and operational costs. They praised CIO Kanneh for his consistent support to the Kenema district and recognized contributions from others like Madam Tuma Jabbie Gento, the late Abdul Karim Koroma Esq., and some former players including Abdul Rahman Cole in the UK.

CIO Kanneh expressed disappointment over the team’s current state and stressed the importance of immediate action and accountability. He pledged to rally more support from prominent individuals in the district.

The donation and discussions signal a hopeful turnaround for Kamboi Eagles, aiming to restore its former glory as the giant of the east.