The ruling Sierra Leone People’s party member of Parliament for Constituency 013 in Kenema District, Alusine Kanneh has responded to allegations of duping Norwegian investor, Morlen Tronstad.

In a video shared on social media, Kanneh said that it is unfortunate seeing his name mentioned on a matter he has no idea of.

“I know myself and I know that I am a god-fearing someone and I have never got involved in anything that is evil and I don’t know the man in question, we have never met or done business before. He only got business with people that I know and not me, he was assuming but thank God he has apologized to the press, that I was innocent of the said crime,” he stated.

He confirmed that he is okay with the apology as he could have sued him for defamation but he may let it go as a human and a leader. He added that he had no knowledge of any transaction between the man and anyone involved.

“I am a  representative of people and it is good for my name to be clean at all times as we are doing this for posterity,’’   he maintained.

Morlen Tronstad last week told the press that Hon. Alusine Kanneh was part of a team that duped him and orchestrated his arrest.

Tronstad claimed that he bought 35 percent of shares for the sum of 1.3 million US Dollars in a mining company operating in Sierra Leone called Bravura while in Oslo, Norway after he read a report that the company is engaged in gold mining. He said when he learnt that the company does not have license for large-scale mining in the village because another company was already involved there, he requested for his investment but was refused and the SLPP Parliamentarian ordered his arrest.

Watch Hon Kanneh response blow: (Credit-Born 2 Blog)