Ambassador of Sierra Leone Entertainment and Investment, Amara Dennis Turay popularly known as Kao Denero blasted Sierra Leone most followed Facebook blog, Inside Salone for not promoting the just concluded Sierra Leone Film Festival.

The blasting came after Inside Salone failed to promote the festival that was held on 1st April, 2022 at the Freetown City Council Auditorium which recorded poor turnout from Sierra Leoneans and shared the resignation letter of a board member from the Entertainment Board.

The blog shared the resignation letter of the Chairman of the Sierra Leone Film Industry, Labour and Marketing Guild, Daramy A. Kabba from the Entertainment Board on their Facebook page. Kao Denero took to the comment section and stated that, the festival was promoted for few weeks and Inside Salone never share the flyer. He claimed the blog to be a Black Leo blog that was promoting the activities of label.

“These are the people behind the selfish protest against a festival that was meant for them.

Most of this guys are being excluded from the board but come out in public to make it seem like they resigned lol

Biggest joke

But all the same that festival was promoted weeks before I never saw inside salone sharing that flyer tho

Mind you this the same individual who took a small crew of his acting buddies and travel to London without any one in the music industry pointing fingers at them.

A policy for the whole entertainment industry makes sense.

Remember inside salone this your page was created as a blackleo page before you guys switched it to this negative propaganda machine against my office since I became an ambassador.

What’s the problem here?

Was it because I never included any of your admin in that board but saw Hawanattu konneh on their?

Am confused”. He commented.

However, Inside Salone responded to the comment of Kao Denero and denied the claim that he made that the page was created as a Black Leo page. The admin of the page stated that they were supporting him because he is their Sierra Leonean brother. They narrated how they have supported him during his lyrical battle with other rappers in Africa.

“Inside salone has never been a back Leo page . We only supported you Kaodenero because you are our Sierra Leonean brother . When you toke up your Unnecessary fight with other MCs around Africa we stood behind you  firmly   with no hesitations and from then   you  had it  in  your brain that the  page is a back Leo page it  is not at all can never be .  We have started supporting  you ever  since  you never thought of being  appointed  as  an ambassador  you know that. so saying that because you did not  appointed a member from inside salone  to your entertainment board was the reason we  are against you is  a non starter discussions .We are not against you  to start  with and will never be  against  you  .And  as far as to our knowledge non of our team members was ever Interested in your board  appointment let us make that  very clear to you . This page has given you the support that has never  be  given to any other Sierra Leonean acts since it establishment . But our relationship with you can not  limit us from reporting your stories either good or bad . So  if reporting your stories is letting you feel that we are against you let it be . And for  those of  you, who  are of  the thoughts , of following this page because of Kaodenero  and think the page  is a black Leo page and nothing should said about  him please  you have the choice to live now this page is not for Kaodenero alone as you may  have it  in your heads . It is for all and if we can report the stories of others he is no exemption.You can keep on writing what ever you feel like it your right and in much as it your rights , our right of reporting any stories about Kaodenero either good or bad can not be limited please take notes.” ­Inside Salone responded.