Sierra Leone’s business envoy and entertainment Ambassador, King Kao Denero is all set to establish a milestone performance at the Fox Seaside Nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey’s capital, on October 16th this year.

The trip to the middle eastern giant nation comprises Eastend Artistes Union (EAU) President, Atical Foryoh, Black Leo Queen, Del Vaqyo, Reems top-notch Empress P, and Sierra Leone’s favorite Afro-Pop star Markmuday Watalara and the hit-maker Alieu Melody.

It’s like an “all games final” performance the entourage is expected to put up on stage mid-this month.

The move by the Entertainment Ambassador is a bid to foster peace and solidify the foundations of western Africa’s nation’s Entertainment sector.

This, according to some schools of thought, is just more than solidifying the Entertainment sector; but also creates an avenue for external doors to be opened through such moves.

It’s no secret that the Ambassador has been at the helm of affairs in trying to project the image of the entertainment sector both through his office and his legendary vicious rap skills.

One cannot dispute the fact that the entourage leaving the shores of Sierra Leone is made up of stars who have been consistently gripping the eardrums of entertainment-loving fans for over half a decade.

From Alieu Melody with his “Survive”, “Imagine” “December Love” and “Den Don Tire Per Me” ft Ambassador Kao.

Empress with songs like “Komot Per Dem Bad” “Boom Bam Bam” “Michele n Obama” and “Shoutout” amongst others.

Markmuday with songs like “Baba” and the evergreen “Life Goes On” track amongst others.

Artical Foryoh with “Mortal Man Na Bone Bone” “Isha RMX” and “Love Still Dae Dae” including “Tumba.

It’s already a secret microphone battle to thrill fans with endless hits in the Turkish capital.

Ambassador Kao Denero is a skilled rapper and poet whose songs requires some level of intelligence to fully understand.

This current promotional song “God Nor to Man” is not any different.

To fully consume and understand, one has to pay attention to the lyrics.

The short and catchy song stresses the importance of identifying with one’s creator-God, as we sojourn in this sinful world.