Amara Dennis Turay aka Kao Denero who went to Dubai and did a successful show had landed in New York City.

As the Ambassador of Special Envoy for Investments and Entertainment, the rapper held successful meeting in Dubai with investors. With all his tasks, he also shot a video in Dubai for his fans. The rapper is known for having a bank for his music. The fans were in doubt the song he is shooting a video for. Finally, the unrelease song is titled “So Fly” as he shared it on his Facebook page.

The rapper was spotted in a Dubai airport for an unknown destination. As a diplomat, Sierra Leoneans were not bothered as they knew he is working for the Entertainment Industry with a diplomatic passport.

According to his post on his Facebook page, the Ambassador is expected to have meeting with investors in the United States.

Home and Away
Dubai was incredible with so much accomplished business wise with an epic video shot for SO FLY
New york we here.
Meetings and sober minded ventures on the horizons.
God bless”, he wrote.