Kao Denero, Legendary Rapper and Special Envoy for Entertainment and Investment in Sierra Leone has met with the President of Sierra Leone All Stars Union, Prezo Colabo to discuss issues concerning the Sierra Leone Entertainment Industry.

Colabo has been the president for Sierra Leone All Stars Union for decades. He succeeded Base Aphonyx who is now based in the United States. He was able to secure sponsorship from the previous government and travelled with a number of Sierra Leonean Celebrities to Italy and the United States. Based on this, he declared his support for the previous government during the elections that is now in opposition.

Kao Denero who also campaigned for this present government, his appointment as Ambassador was said to base on his support to the Party during the elections. This made musicians that are said to be in the opposition party sidelining his activities. His first consultative meeting was attended by few top Sierra Leonean celebrities.

The Ambassador has been trying to have an inclusive board members after his appointment to lead the Entertainment Sector from the government. He has also been working on having a unified Entertainment Industry.
He mentioned that their discussion was based on having an Industry that will not be politicized. Even though the Ambassador admitted of sometimes being guilty as almost every musician belongs to a political party.

Ambassador Kao Denero planned for another Dialogue with the stakeholders in the Entertainment Sector. The 2 days dialogue is to said to present a policy to the government that will help protect the Entertainment Industry and it is expected to take place on the 2nd & 3rd July 2021 which will include all the stakeholders.

On his Facebook page, he wrote:

“By chance I bumped into Allstar president last night Colabo. Our brief convo was based on an industry free off politics something we are all guilty of some how some way. The dialogue begins July 2nd and 3rd will be historic as we work towards presenting a industry policy to the gov.”