Sierra Leones Entertainment Ambassador Amara Dennis Turay, better known as Koa Denero has on social media explained his life journey and things he has gone through. Ahead of his January 7 “All face value” show.

In what he referred to as the reality of his everyday life Kao Denero said he has been through everything a human can endure.

From Surviving car accidents, Enemies attempting to destroy his home, Bloggers constantly attacking his person with fabricated stories, to politically driven individuals cooking up fake propaganda to tarnish his solid reputation without factual details. He adds

The entertainment ambassador furthered that he Survived the US legal implication for 10 months coming out clean.
“Industry peers constantly targeting my well-being forgetting to hit the studio or concentrating on themselves but obsess with my life,” he said

He stated that this is not a hint, but the reality of his everyday life.

“What wrong have I done to you all,” He asked

He adds that God willing on Jan 7th his fans will surely prove the naysayers wrong and show this country why he was chosen to be the country’s first entertainment ambassador and the most consistent and talented act sierra leone has ever seen.