Special Envoy for Entertainment and Investments, Amara Dennis Turay popularly known as Kao Denero has responded to Sierra Leone DJs Union after placing his songs on ban with immediate effect.

Ambassador Kao Denero admitted that he doesn’t remember when last he submitted a Kao Denero’s song to a DJ. As a leader and Ambassador of Entertainment, Kao Denero stated that his responsibility is to make sure the National Playlist which comprises of 56 songs from Sierra Leonean acts takes over radio stations.

“Am proud to say that my present responsibility has been to make sure the Playlist takes over the radio stations.

My concern locally has been to assist other artist get air play.

I don’t know when last I submitted a kaodenero song to a dj lol.

That was 6 to 7 yrs ago.

Much luv to all my Playlist djs

Kao wae nor get tail

Na God Dae dreb hin fly

Thanks for voting” – Kao Denero wrote.

Sierra Leone DJs Union released a press release on 1st November, 2021 banning Ambassador Kao Denero’s songs due to allegations made by him during an interview on Afri Radio that the Union is a political entity that promote the agenda of Sierra Leone opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) party. The DJs Union gave Kao Denero three days ultimatum to provide evidence(s) based on his allegations. Since he failed to provide evidence and ignored the press release, the Union placed a temporary ban on his songs.