In Sierra Leone, Ambassador Kao Denero has most times been spotted with his Fiancee and mother of his daughter, Del Vaqyo. On the just concluded home welcoming event of Black Leo record label, Kao Denero is being scolded for coming in his home country without the queen of Black Leo Delma.

The Ambassador of Entertainment, Kao Denero has been away from his mother land for almost two years. This was connected to allegations of Kao Denero having issues with his wife over child care support in the United States. Since he departed to settle scores with his family, the celebrity few days ago landed on the shores of Freetown.

Kao spending his this year in the United States on October journeyed to Istanbul, Turay with other Sierra Leonean celebrities in the process of selling the entertainment industry to the world. The show was successful as it was lit with joy from the fans of the label who witnessed the event in numbers unexpected.

Kao Denero having been missed so much from Black Leo fans and supporters for far too long, he was given a red carpet welcome back to Sierra Leone. According to the post on his official Facebook page, the celebrity disclosed that gathering crowd has never been a problem to the Black Leo family despite the absence for a while.

The Black Leo home coming rally with guns of the label and loyal fans and supporter stormed the streets of Freetown in numbers to welcome the King and ambassador of entertainment, Kao Denero, with some hoping to see the queen.

Fans and supporters who have missed the queen of Black Leo, Del Vaqyo are presently scolding the King of African Hip Hop why Delma did not show for a long time even when the fans and supporters are dying slowly for her absence. It was disappointing to some who had raise hope so high to once a gain see Del Vaqyo after a long time to have witnessed the event without the queen joining the rally.

On some comments on social media, many are with the thoughts that Delma is a wife material and should stay at home and not the street. The truth to the reason behind Black Leo queen missing in the home welcoming of Black Leo King is yet to be disclosed by neither Kao Denero nr Del Vagyo.