In an interview on AYV TV, Kao Denero explained why Martha Sesay, is a movie actress, producer and the vice president of Actors Guild Sierra Leone and popular DJ and show presenter, Prezo Koroma didn’t make it to Dubai for the Dubai Expo 2020.

Martha is part of the Entertainment Board representing the movie industry while Prezo has resigned from the Entertainment Board as Board Secretary on 3rd October, 2021.

Ambassador Kao Denero cleared the air that he applied for visas for five people from his board members but unfortunately only two visas were approved. He continued saying that Martha Sesay and Prezo Koroma were part of the five people he applied for. According to him, the others didn’t get visas because the pressure from the embassy was too much since about 100 countries were trying to travel to Dubai to witness the Dubai Expo 2020. He added that, Martha got a visa and she was supposed to be in Dubai with them to represent the movie industry but he doesn’t know the reason why the actress was not with them.

After an investigation made by Sierraloaded, the condition given to Board Members by Ambassador Kao Denero made it difficult for them to travel to Dubai. According to reliable source, Kao Denero informed them that, he will help them get the visa but they have to responsible for their flight tickets, accommodation and feeding. These conditions given to the Board Members were seen as heavy duties which made none of them to travel to Dubai.

The Dubai trip was facilitated by the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Fatima Maada Bio through her ‘Hands Off Our Girls Campaign’ to seek investment opportunities. Among the artistes that went to Dubai to represent Sierra Leone were Ambassador Kao Denero, Rozzy, Rap Gee, Famous, Amie Kallon, Markmuday and Star Zee. The team backup with popular Disk Jockey, Min-1.