The Special Envoy for Entertainment and Investment, Ambassador Kao Denero has on 1st June, 2021 secured his first Entertainment and Investment deal in Baltimore Maryland USA with an American Investment firm called Gs VICTORY INTERNATIONAL LLC.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Sierra Leonean Envoy on Entertainment & Investment and the Maryland based firm, Gs VICTORY INTERNATIONAL LLC would see investment in Entertainment, a direct commercial flight from Baltimore Airport to Sierra Leone, Agriculture, Technology, Real Estate, Tourism to name but a few.

The US based company is well saturated in the Music and Film Industry and they have demonstrated a commitment during the signing of the MOU to creating a synergy between Sierra Leone’s Entertainment Industry and that of the United States of America.

This move by Ambassador Kao Denero has been applauded by many Sierra Leoneans home and abroad as barely three months to his appointment by President Bio, he is on the international stage to position Sierra Leone’s Entertainment and bolster tourism in the country.

Recently, Ambassador Kao Denero was pictured in Dubai for the first ever Sierra Leonean HIP HOP Show and ceased the opportunity to interact with some business tycoon’s for a possible investment in the country’s Entertainment sector.

The MOU holds potential lucrative deals for Sierra Leone’s entertainment industry, the Gs VICTORY INTERNATIONAL LLC firm would create jobs opportunities for Sierra Leoneans in all walks of life, hosting of festivals and events in Sierra Leone and the US among others.

Building of a modern auditorium, the entertainment policy, a national studio for audio and video, Trace mano DSTV, festivals and events, Investment in Gold & Diamond Mining, Investment in Tourism and Real Estate are the top most priorities of the Ambassador and he is in a high gear to achieving them for the good of the country.