Sierra Leone Entertainment Ambassador; Kao Denero and the Honourable Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education; David Moinina Sengeh are presently working on a song along with other Sierra Leonean musicians.

After the trip from Dubai, Ambassador Kao Denero announced that he is working on a project along with Honourable Minister David Moinina Sengeh, Del Vaqyo, Markmuday, Star Zee, Internet, Rozzy, Rap Gee, Kracktwist & Samza, Madam Amie Kallon, Shadow Boxxer and Melody. The project is from the Office of the Ambassador for the sensitization of the public in relation to the vaccination campaign for COVID-19 which is sponsored by NaCOVERC.

As the project lead, Ambassador Kao Denero drove legendary singer, Amie Kallon who is part of the project to the studio. As a musician who has done songs on his own, Honourable Minister David Moinina Sengeh joined Kao Denero in the studio to record the Maklate song.

The song which is recorded at Lordmo’s Golden Music Empire recording studio and produced by Lordmo is expected to be out soon with it visuals.