The Press Secretary at Sierra Leone’s Office of the President, Yusuf Keketoma Sandi has accused the main opposition, All Peopleโ€™s Congress (APC) of sponsoring youths to loot and cause havoc on citizens during protests and demonstrations.

Sandi made this allegations while responding to yesterday’s protest or strike action on social media.

โ€œAPC has lost a key constituency in WA (Western Area): the “LOOTERS”. Yesterday, the few citizens who sat at home or closed their shops out of fear would have realised that a Party which sponsors youths to loot and cause havoc on citizens cannot win the TRUST of ordinary people,โ€ he stated.

The Press Secretary further asserted that Sierra Leone needs a credible opposition and not a destructive opposition.

Sandi went on to share videos of some petty traders and the traders union leaders encouraging their colleagues to come out and do business, and assuring them of the government’s commitment to protect their lives and businesses.

Watch Videos below: