Since specimen were collected from the Over 80 Patients affected by the alleged food poisoning at Nyandeyama section in Kenema and sent to a loboratory test but results are yet to come by Some residents in Kenema are using the local radio stations to call on the medical wing to produce the result of the test.

People want to know what resulted to poor health on Victims at the graduation Party Organized at A1 Bajalokoh street at Nyandeyama section.

Speaking to Francis Suma the Risk Communication lead for the District Health Management Team Kenema, he told the press that all the patient s have been discharged with few complaining of minor poor health, which the medical team is is closely Monitoring. He said the results is not immediate as it has a long Process to go through but he did not rule the possibility of further testing out of the country.

He called on the public to exercise some patience as the results must come out and it will be made public. He said they wants to prove whether any of the food items served at the party contain any chemical or the type of chemical