The Newly launched Orange Money app is leading the way in expanding access to financial services in Sierra Leone.

Orange Money is the biggest mobile money service in Sierra Leone with over one million customers using the service. Even before the launch of the app the service can boast of the biggest customer base, more than any of its competitors.

The launch of this new app has just solidified its position in the digital money market.

The app which was designed and launched by Orange Money Limited this year have all the features for Orange Money services in one hub.

Customer can use the app to pay utility bills, check balance, receive and send money, instantly checking balance and a lot more. Through the platform cross transaction from Orange Money to bank and the reverse can also be done.

“Financial inclusion has been a key challenge for a long time now in Sierra Leone, this new app solves that problem. Imagine with just one click you can do everything that you are used to doing with Orange Money, only this time it is much simpler. Now, more people can easily access money and do business easily,” said Orange Money.

Already, customers have been excited about it because of how user friendly it is.
Nicol Williams, a student said he no longer needs to memorize short codes to do his business through Orange Money.

“With the app it is much simpler for me, the moment I open the app I can do anything I want, from sending money to reversing it. It also means I can locate Orange Money merchants anywhere, this means I won’t be stranded anymore,” he said.

The new app is available for download on popular sites like Google Play Store and Apple Store.