The Integrity Committee of the Kenema Police Division has on the 22nd May, 2024 held an engagement on promoting Transparency and Accountability.

It was also reported that, the committee’s primary function will involve overseeing police conduct, investigating misconduct allegations, addressing integrity issues, and ensuring ethical considerations during duty discharge.

The SLP Media Unit noted that, this is in line with an administrative directive for implementing performance reviews in Sierra Leone’s Police Divisions.

The engagement was led by the Head of Complaint Discipline Internal Investigation Department (CDIID) in Kenema Division; Inspector Sesay at the Office of the Local Unit Commander (LUC) Kenema Division, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP)Edison Vandi and the meeting incorporated the attention of various Heads of Departments in the Divisional Headquarters who worked on ways to strategize the promotion of integrity and prevention of corruption within the division in Kenema.

Inspector Sesay emphasized the meeting’s aim that was to introduce committee members, outline their mandates, and discuss priorities and challenges faced by the police leadership in fostering integrity, discipline, and ethical standards, for which they have to command mechanisms and strategies that will be of greater help in building on thee already made structures.

Chief Superintendent Edison Vandi, the Local Unit Commander of Kenema Division, appreciated the CDIID Regional Coordinator CSP Osman Sesay for establishing the Integrity Management Committee in his Division and emphasized that the committee’s role would be key in promoting ethical behaviour, enhancing transparency, and maintaining professional standards among police officers.

the committee and others present acknowledged the challenges and constraints in preventing corruption and promoting integrity, agreeing to collaborate and partner with the CDIID to effectively address them and they made commitment to work effectively within their mandates to have the common goal achieved.