The Sierra Leone peoples party SLPP is on the verge of having Kandeh Koleh Yumkella (KKY), the former NGC presidential candidate as its next Vice President for the forthcoming Elections. As recent comments from KKY are said to be indicating a switch in allegiance that has been widely speculated that he will replace current VP Juldeh Jalloh.

The recent announcement by KKY speculating a move to the SLPP has led to widespread condemnation by many sierra Leoneans for what many consider as a betrayal to the citizen who has hoped for a change.

Popular whistleblower, John Idriss Lahai alleged that current Vice President,  Juldeh Jalloh will not be too pleased to be replaced with KKY and will divert the support of the fullahs.

Other sources say the landing of KKY to the SLPP will be a huge blow for the opposition, as his name will be a big influence on the party as Sierra Leoneans vote mostly on hero-worship.

On the other hand, Current VP juldeh has a larger influence on the Fulla tribe. A tribe that in recent times has been fastly developing and he is well respected within the fulla tribe. A change many say will see the fullah’s switching allegiance as there is another strong full force in the opposition in the person of Chernor Maju Bah (Chericoco).

Sources reveal that Dr. Juldeh Jalloh is on his way out and will not be the president’s running mate come 2023.

It is already clear to NGC partisans and all that KKY has succumbed to the president’s pressure as He recently accompanied the president on key events,” one source said.

Other School of thought says KKY has been cajoled into comparing and seeing himself as Chief Sam Sumana, who although he had left the APC and started a very successful party, the Coalition for Change, has nonetheless returned to his APC roots’.

Another source says Juldeh should not be surprised.

I don’t even think the NGC party is surprised by their boss KKY’s recent moves with the president. What came as a surprise is the fact that Bio was able to convince Dr. Yumkella despite how he left the SLPP party and how he and his mother were treated by SLPP,” the source said.

Amid the din of the ongoing battle to win the state house, Sierra Leoneans must not lose sight of that disconcerting possibility if not likelihood.