The Chief Executive Officer of Kabaka Multimedia Entertainment (KME) and ECOFEST, Abu Bakarr Turay popularly known as Kabaka wrote a touching letter to the CEO of Lake Production, Ambassador Alhaji K. Tarawally also known as Laj-K.

Lake Production organized the annual National Entertainment Awards on 23rd December, 2021 at Radisson Blu Hotel with a host of Sierra Leonean acts and awarded over 60 entertainers. The TV Personality has received backlash from social media users condemning his awards. As an entrepreneur who is into entertainment, Kabaka stepped in and sent motivational messages to his friend, Laj-k. The letter reads;

“Dear Amb Alhaji K. Tarawally, we may have disagreed to agree on a few things and our approach to things may differ, but I must say I love your courage, enthusiasm and passion for salone entertainment. No one can take that away from you. So please discountenance naysayers. They have killed a lot of dreams. Destroyed a lot of people with just mere words. Keep going! I look at most of these people, I know they can’t try one of these events, yet, they run nasty commentaries about those who atleast try. Give it to them, if you delete this blue app, some will be mere “poda poda apprentices or housegirls”.

Sierra Leone is so poor that most of our critics only talk about money. Nobody cares about our health or our time spent to think and create these things. Nobody cares about our families. Nobody cares about the psychological impact that these social media bullying causes. Truth is, those who aren’t doing anything don’t give a damn about people doing everything. Talk has always been cheap my brother. And it just got really cheaper with all these bonuses from the telecoms companies especially during this festive season. Keep ya head up! “Na ade wae de luk up go see and dine with the stars”.

To all those mockers, the day of reckoning isn’t too far away. Our country struggles because most of you criticize and bastardize the efforts of others for nothing. Most of you condemn others who are trying when you have absolutely no plans to give an alternative. All you do is talk. Feel good talks that makes you feel good about your failures. You just talk, no work. There’s so much to talk about yourself. So much to worry about. Cuz let’s face it, we all know that where all that negativity comes from isn’t a place of happiness and wealth. It’s purely from a place of malice, lack, envy, jealousy and hatred. And ofcourse poverty!

In this country everyone wants to be special to someone but nobody wants to act right by someone. They will know you have a wedding and that you know more than 10,000 people on a personal level because everyone on Facebook is literally your friend, but, u can only truly afford to accommodate 500 wedding guests. Yet, 9500 others will be angry at you for not making a wedding reception at the stadium main bowl and feed twice as much as Jesus our saviour fed in his days. They know not everyone can win an award, but no matter how fair it gets, someone feels cheated. They will post all these innuendos to question the credibility of your awardees. Boss man, people cried FIFA down for this year’s Ballon D’Or. “Noto u dem go spare”.

Finally my brother, nobody really cares except your family. It is the season. Take care of family. Take time out and visit them. Bless them in any little way you can. Our friends swing to the other side faster than the pendulum in grandfather’s clock. Those who hate are always together, let us who spread love and hard work stick by each other. The battle lines have been drawn since the day we chose to do things differently. Stay blessed! Merry Christmas!!!