The Kono Mineral Mining Review Project was on the 2nd December launched in Kono district. 

The event brought together different stakeholders including paramount chiefs, town chiefs and other relevant authorities to form the awareness raising on the project that would focus on aiding the sons and daughters of the district and the country at large.

Making his statement, the district coordinator for the KMMRP, Ibrahim Bockarie maintained that, the sons and daughters of Kono district have suffered in the hands of mining companies for a very long time now and that needs to be solved with immediate effect for the good of all.

He further referred to the situation as historical injustice which has been delaying development in the mining sector, adding that since 1930 when diamonds were discovered in Kono district, there have been many challenges in the affected communities and no action had been taken by the authorities of the land for a quick redress.

“We are looking at the historical injustice that our colonial masters and the modern day independent governments have done to the citizens of Sierra Leone. From 1930 that we started getting the minerals in Sierra Leone until now our country is still challenged by poverty and underdevelopment. We are trying to look at these challenges to reengage the national and international partners in the extractive sector,” he maintained.

He maintained that the Kono Mineral Mining Review Project ( K.M.M.R.P ) is a non-governmental organization working on social justice and development advocacy in mining communities based in Kono and the diaspora, meanwhile, they are working with stakeholders and policy reformers to make the lives and livelihood of mining communities better by addressing historical injustice in the environment, mining, and the overall socio-economic development of our people in the mining enslaves, adding that they are not even consider during a proceed that will suit the comfort of all and sundry.