A Korean Investor in Sierra Leone is said to have committed suicide due to him being frustrated by some corrupt Government Official at the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources MFMR.

This is according to a suicide note written by Kim Sung Nyeon.

According to the the note he was dissatisfied over the treatment he was receiving from MFMR, as he referred to them as people who were not concerned with what was wright or wrong as they put their interest ahead of work.

He said for over nine (9) months three of his vessels have been detained at MFMR office because they said they were being investigated for illegal fishing.

He said while in detention 2 of his ships got stolen and the Ministry in which they were in it’s care refused to take responsibility for the stolen ships.

He also said that despite his ship were not found guilty they were fined by the Ministry over for almost 6 million dollars.

He also added that due to his ship being fined for going to the wrong place to fish, he had ask the Ministry to adjust his GPS inorder to avoid being fined again and he was laughed at for his request.

He continued to advise other investors against investing in the country as it would be waste of money.

He ended his note by calling on the world to be aware of the injustices that he faced during his investing days in Sierra Leone.

Augustine Sorie-Sengbe Marrah a Sierra Leonean Lawyer in a tweet confirmed the death to be true because the Korean Business Man was his client.

He had written:

“Today a former client took his life on allegations of injustice at the Ministry of Fisheries, Mr. Kim was a good businessman who helped countless Sierra Leoneans. In my work I hear about injustices everyday till I get sick to the stomach. Our judiciary needs to do a lot more!”ย 

He was the Co-founder of ChunGang Fishing Company Kent.

His Death would be felt by his family and his over 400 employees.

May his soul rest in peace as we send our deepest condolences to the bereaved family.