Former President of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, departed Sierra Leone on the 5th of February 2023, to join his counterparts on a week-long, five-nation tour in the African continent, and the world at large.

The week-long event will jointly be hosted across the following countries: Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, Senega, and Niger. The event will commence on the 5th of February and ends on the 12th of February 2023.

This all-important journey of the former president, according to a release from his office is to essentially chat ways forward, as well as for them as world leaders to proffer tangible ideas or solutions to the many unfortunate incidents currently happening in the continent, and particularly, in the West African region.

The release stated that, Koroma will be part of a strategic team of great leaders who will partake in a week-long “West African Roundtable Discussion”, on the following items: “the Escalation of Conflict”, “Addressing Security Issues” in Africa, specifically, in West Africa, and as well as “Chat the Wayforward to Providing Lasting Peace” which every human being should enjoy.

The release, noted further that, the roundtable discussion organized by the Brenthurst Foundation will discuss and find concrete solutions to the topics or issues disturbing the Continent.

The meeting, the release went on to indicate, will focus on how to bring together local and international players in achieving peace within West Africa, how government and non-governmental agencies could be handled in the current atmosphere, and provide what lessons could be learned from past experiences.

As a member of the Brenthurst Foundation Governing Board, Sierra Leone’s former President Dr . Koroma is expected to share his vast knowledge of good governance, security, and electioneering activities at the conference.

“This is part of a wider consultation with the former Heads of States and Governments, as well as with incumbent African leaders / Governments, the military and security experts as well as civil society, to explore innovative ideas to address the security challenges facing our continent,” he expressed.

The report added that the Brenthurst Foundation is a South African-based organization chaired by former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo who will also be a party to the contingent. Brenthrust Foundation is the leading think tank works that improve economic development by organizing high-level conferences to educate and steer government policies.