Former President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma, expressed profound sorrow following the demise of former First Lady of the United States, Rosalyn Carter.

In a heartfelt tribute, President Koroma highlighted the substantial loss not only to the United States but also to advocates of human rights and democracy globally.

The passing of former First Lady, Rosalyn Carter is indeed a great loss, not just to the USA but also to defenders of human rights & democracy,” wrote President Koroma.

He acknowledged Rosalyn Carter’s pivotal role as the Co-founder of the Carter Center, emphasizing her tireless dedication towards advancing these fundamental values. President Koroma reflected on her legacy, describing her as a true champion whose contributions transcended borders.

Expressing his deepest condolences, President Koroma extended sympathies to President Carter, their children, and the entire team associated with the Carter Center. He concluded his tribute with a prayer, hoping for the peaceful repose of her precious soul.

Rosalyn Carter’s legacy as a fervent advocate for human rights and democracy remains etched in the global landscape, with her work at the Carter Center standing as a testament to her unwavering commitment to these noble causes. President Koroma’s tribute echoes sentiments shared worldwide, recognizing her immeasurable contributions and mourning the loss of a remarkable leader and advocate.