The Presidential Spokesperson for the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) and former senior member of the main opposition All Peoples Congress Party (APC), Alpha Kanu, has revealed that his family ties and friendship with former President Koroma will never die.

In his statement, Kanu maintained that he left the APC party based on the fact that most of the stalwarts of the party were not working in the best interest as he prescribed, as they saw him as an enemy. He added that because the SLPP knows his worth and values every single vote, he chose to move on.

With reference to his resignation letter to the party which saw no reply from them, he said he needed no reply from the party as it was urgent and immediate, and he left the APC party.

“They will not respond because I told them not to. It was with immediate effect, which means I need no reply,” he said.

Speaking about friends and relations he may have with members of the APC party, he maintained that former President Koroma is not only a friend but a family member, and that can never change.

“Even Ernest Koroma is my brother. The point is that we did not meet a point in politics. We came to the political landscape at the same time. He met my wife before now that I should join him, but before that even, we were friends and have family ties already. The friendship and family ties between Ernest Koroma and me will never die as it was destined by God. We chose politics together. I went into politics to back him up, and now that he is not into active politics and those in the APC party are seeing me as their enemy and don’t want me to work with them, I just have to move to the SLPP as they need me and know my worth. The SLPP values every single vote, so my being with them matters a lot,” he explained.