In a signed Affidavit dated July 27th 2021 and seen by this newspaper at the High Court yesterday August 2nd 2021, the main opposition APC leadership headed by Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, has, through Alhaji Dr. Osman Foday Yansaneh, appealed to Hon. Justice Adrian Fisher to have mercy on them and vary the Orders of April 19th in which Fisher had ordered the APC leadership to proceed to conduct a national delegates conference in order to adopt a new Constitution and settle all outstanding membership issues.

According to Yansaneh, after Fisher gave the Orders, they applied to appeal the Orders but they failed. He said after they failed to convince Fisher to give them Leave to Appeal, they as party leaders, went ahead to disobey the court orders.

According to his sworn words in the Affidavit, “the party has been unable to comply with and meet some of the deadlines contained therein due to disagreements emanating from the litigants which militated against compliance”.

Yansaneh continued by however saying after several meetings, the APC party leadership has finally come to its senses that they should obey the Court Orders.

However, Yansaneh says the periods given as timelines to obey the Court Orders have since expired so the APC leadership is now “seeking an extension of time from the Court to comply with the Orders of the Court”.

Yansaneh says “it will be in the interest of Justice and the democratic political process of the country” if the Judge has mercy on them and grants their request for extension.

However, a fierce critic of the APC leadership says Fisher should not only refuse the request but should proceed ahead with the substance of the case which wants Fisher to declare that the current Executive of Ernest Koroma is now with a mandate that has since expired.