President Ernest Bai Koroma has revealed how pleased he is to witness President Bio commission the West African Power Pool Project.

He stated that President Bio commissioning the Power Pool Project which has given Kenema and Bo Districts uninterrupted electricity show that government is continuity, adding that politicians should be humble to recognize that.

Ernest Bai Koroma mentioned the project was national one which was made to provide electricity to people living in its entry point in the South to its exit point in the North.

Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma added that while they are happy for people who have already received light benefiting from the project, they hope that other areas will eventually also benefit from the project, stating that the project wasn’t made to benefit only certain people’s.

Dr. Koroma affirmed that the project was also developed in way that it will be connected to Bumbuna so the difficulties in electricity in Freetown will be reduced.

Former President Koroma stated that he wished he were around to give his blessings to projects like such.