Sierra Leone’s former President, Ernest Bai Koroma has today, Wednesday 14 September 2022 signed the Book of Condolence in honour of the late Queen Elizabeth II at the British Consulate in Freetown.

The former president drove from his hometown of Makeni this morning to pay his last respects to what he calls the illustrious era of a Sovereign who taught the world the true meaning of leading with humility, grace and dignity.

An illustrious era has come to an end, but it ushers in yet another with great prospects. So as we mourn her passing, we celebrate the extraordinary life of a Queen who taught the world the true meaning of leading with humility, grace and dignity,” former President Koroma said.

The statesman further notes that the late Queen “inspired, influenced and moulded millions not because of the power she wielded, but because of her thoughtfulness, diligence and dedication to duty.

Recalling his personal interactions with the Queen, Sierra Leone’s former president said: “In my interaction with her, I was astounded by how down-to-earth she was, struck by the depth of her knowledge about world affairs, and inspired by how much she cared for political leaders to do well in serving their people.”

And he shared these poignant parting words:

She was not just a Queen, she was a caring mother-figure who wanted the best for everyone. The world, the Commonwealth, the United Kingdom, and her dear family would miss a great sovereign and an extraordinary matriarch. I extend my profound condolences to her family, the government and people of the United Kindom. May the Lord receive her soul in the highest of the heavens!”