The Leader of Unity Party (UPI), Olufemi Claudius-Cole has in her tweet stated that the narcotic drug, Indian Hemp, otherwise called ‘Kush,’ should be declared a national emergency. 

According to her, arresting or dismissing those caught smoking or selling ‘kish’ on the streets is NOT the solution, but another avenue for corruption and a way for unscrupulous police officers to ake more money and fill up the already over-crowded jails.

She further noted that the problem must be attacked head-on from the roots, which include first, the supply chain.

Underscoring that some people are getting insanely wealthy importing and manufacturing ‘kush.’ “it can only be traded and used once it is in country,” she said.

“With an economy as battered and broken as ours, folks will auction and sell anything…” she furthered, adding that that “those you will arrest on the streets are ALL victims of a misdirected government.”

According to her, authorities should start by investigating the missing drug container and those arrested in Guinea and Liberia transporting drugs from Sierra Leone.

Kush, she said, is a massive problem that needs a well thought out solution that must include more than punitives measures and dismissal.

“Supply chain disruption, education on its dangers, treatment, rehabilitation and jobs opportunities must be part of the strategy,” she advised.