Popular magician who according to source reportedly converted to a pastor, Baimba Moiforay popularly known as LA Chocolate (LAC) has on video today opted to buy Vida Green’s Oneness Fundraising Concert praying day coming.

Recently, LAC donated a sum of Le60 million Leones for Vida’s medical treatment. The money was delivered by Sierra Leonean finest blogger and promoter, Sana Jay. This came after LAC pledged to donate Le50 million Leones for Vida’s medical treatment in a live video on 9th April 2022.

When the family got to know about the money donated by LAC, they rejected the money. According to close source, the family appreciated the gesture but due to several personal reasons and careful considerations, they could not accept the donation of the magician.

With regards to Vida Green’s medical funding, a cross section of the entertainment industry has been working in providing their sister with funding to foot her medical bills.  They have pledged and donated certain amount of money to the family but the money is yet to reach the amount required.They have organized a fundraising show which is scheduled to hold during pray day.

The magician has today declared to buy the show including gate takings for fans of Vida. His intentions are to buy everything that the show worth and that fans of Vida Green can enter free without paying. According to LAC, he wants to buy the show so that he can in his own little way render his effort to bringing Vida Green back to her feet. He added that, he careless about people that hate him, all he knows is that he loves you all.