Popular Magician Baimba Moiforay aka LA Chocolate (World boss) has today on a video shows how he celebrates Sierra Leone’s 61 Independence anniversary.

On the video, LAC shows how what he claims to be his personal private house is decorated in grand style for his mother land Sierra Leone’s 61 IndependenceAnniversary. The house which is so big to extent that you get perplexed as to whether it is actually LAC’s as he claims, is decorated with the Sierra Leone’s National Flag at every corner of the house.

On the video, LAC bewildered fans as he said he has a surprise which was indeed a surprise to many. “Sierra Leone is the best country in the world” LAC mentioned on his snippet video. The magician according to him, said he has a wonderful day celebrating the independence of Mama Salone.

Happy 61 Independence Anniversary to all Sierra Leoneans…..!!!!!

Long Live Mama Salone.