Prominent magician Baimba Moiforay popularly known as LAC has in a video extended his sincere condolences to the bereaved families of victims of the August 10th protest.

The August 10th protest was according to rumours should have been a peaceful protest. Reasons to the protest were unclear but reported youths claimed to have protested as a result of the living standards of citizens in Sierra Leone.

These among other reasons were the sole purpose of the protest. In the morning hours of the said date, 10th August, 2022, the protest started peacefully until the whole situation metamorphose into bloodshed, which resulted to the over 21 lives lost including Police officers in duty.

On a such a tragic incident like this, prominent magician, LAC has joined Sierra Leoneans within and out of Sierra Leone in mourning the dead. LAC known to many as a philanthropist, he has also extended his tentacles to help families who could not afford to buy casket for the victims of the protest.

“…for families that cannot afford to buy casket, I will help with that…” LAC mentioned. He continued that, victims who were the head of their families, he would love to provide financial support of one year University fees plus other strings attach to university.

He strongly assured on the video that, all his words will come to past if families of victims reach him for the money. In his concluding statement, he urged all Sierra Leoneans to stay out of trouble and be as peaceful as it has been over the years.