Popular magician Baimba Moiforay, popularly known as LAC, who was convicted over the murder of prominent DJ Clef is still pleading innocent on the conviction. This the magician took to his Facebook page and posted a video of him singing to lyrics of his conviction.

LAC who was sentenced to death by hanging for the murdering of Sydney David Buckle widely known as DJ Clef in 2015, was later pardon by the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Brig. Julius Maada Bio among other inmates.

This pardon of the president to LAC reacted Sierra Leoneans asking why a convicted murdered was released. Due the reactions of Sierra Leoneans, Maada had to sack the attorney General from his office redrew his pardon from LAC and issue a warrant of arrest on him.

This arrest was not proven fruitful as LAC had hid himself from the officers and later able to fly to a neighboring country for asylum. He has been on the run since the arrest was issued.

On his recent music tracks, LAC  the world boss thanked and appreciated the Almighty and gave out his testimonies to fans and supporters. On a video dated 30th May, 2022, LAC is spotted rehearsing on a song that is undercover which portrays and explains his sufferings for crimes he claimed to have not committed.


On the song, the lyrics portray situations of one facing a punishment he is not guilt and had no knowledge of went wrong on his behalf. “The left the one that attended the party , and arrested the one who was not among the party….” he stated. He went further alleging that, Journalist were paid to write about him and witnesses are also paid to testify against him.

On his concluding part of the lyrics, he reminded Sierra Leone, despite the different religions to understand that there is judgement day and the fear of the Almighty.