Sierra Leoneans at home and the diaspora are keen to the rumours circling the media on a strike demonstration come Monday 8th August 2022. With regards to these rumours, prominent Magician Baimba Moiforay popularly known as LAC has reacted over this demonstration.

On a press statement dated Saturday 6th August 2022 issued by the security sector is Sierra Leone. It has confirmed that no group or group of persons have requested permission as required by law, either verbally or in writing, from the police to hold such demonstrations and have also advised all citizens to go about their normal business, and not to heed to calls for faceless demonstrations. This was released to tell Sierra Leoneans and the world that any demonstration on said date is an illegal.

On an announcement by the US Embassy in Sierra Leone, the Embassy cautioned Sierra Leone over the rumoured demonstration and affirmed that there would be tight security around Freetown.

“Due to this, the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) is deploying additional forces to strategic locations throughout Freetown on Monday”. The Embassy posted.

Prominent Magician and once convicted murderer of DJ Clef, Baimba Moiforay aka LAC has today on a video discouraged Sierra Leoneans from participating on the said events. According to LAC, the demonstration does not worth it if the ring leaders insighting and calling for the protest are not in the forefront of the event.

LAC furthered that, leaders of the said event have got their family members in Sierra Leone or the diaspora, if they can lead the demonstration, then it worth it to do the protest but other than that, Sierra Leoneans should risk it.

In his concluding statement, LAC urges Sierra Leoneans to be wise and think critically before taking actions on a speech you hear. This he drew an instance on a krio saying that depicts leading from the front as a leader and not to push subordinates whilst staying hidden in your little corner.

“When you are asked to put your hane in fire, provoke the sender to start with the task before you do” he said in Krio.