Wanted Murderer and Magician, Baimba Moi Foray, also known as LAC has shared photos of him traveling.

The wanted criminal posed on the photos, standing in front of an airport with an unknown passport on his hand pointing forward.


It has not been cleared as to where he is going but few days ago, we reported that a close source discloses that he was going to return to Sierra Leone.

And according to the close source, LAC had decided to return back home on an unannounced date within this week in fulfillment of his philanthropist norm.

Source further disclosed that , he now felt the need to come back home to impact more lives and souls towards his new path, as directed by his Lord and Personal Savior Jesus Christ, to which he asked that Sierra Leoneans tune in to his Facebook on the 9th of this month.

Now suddenly, Sierraloaded receives pictures of him on an airport.