We are all aware that ladies don’t usually just walk straight to you and confess their love for you no matter how much they are into you. They are unlike men who open up at any time and express their feelings even when they know that they will be rejected.

However, as a guy, you can tell when a lady is in love with you. Her behavior around you and what she talks about can betray her feelings for you.

In this article, we will share with you five questions that a lady who is in love with you will always ask you.

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1. She will ask you why you are single or why you are not seeing anyone. This may sound as a normal question but most ladies use it to inspect you so that they can be sure that they are the only ones to be showered with your love.

2. Ask about your family and friends. A lady in love is always concerned about you. She will ask you about your relative and other close friends to know if you talked to any other girl.

3. If you would marry someone like her if you have the chance. Ladies always think about their love life and herself in a wedding dress. When a lady asks you this question, it means that in her mind, she has a picture of her love with you and she is ready to date you.

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4. She will always be asking about your everyday well being. You will start to receive texts and phone calls inquiring how you have spent your day, places you have been to during the day and many more. This means that she loves you and your safety is very important to her.

5. She will ask you what you notice first in a lady. By doing this, she will try to find out if you will be interested in her if she makes a move on you. You have to be very careful with this question as it can make you lose everything you have ever wanted.