Sierra Leone’s prominent whistle-blower, John Idriss Lahai, has aimed Lahai Lawrence Leema, the former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, branding him an individual destined to face the consequences of his alleged wrongdoings.

He made these scathing remarks in a recent social media update.

This condemnation follows the replacement of Leema as Deputy Minister, a move that has sparked a wave of mixed emotions and conjecture throughout the nation.

Leema, hailing from the Kenema district in Sierra Leone’s Eastern Province, has been succeeded by Moria Koroma, who also hails from Kenema and holds the position of party chairman for the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) within the district.

Lahai, renowned for his exposés, asserts that Leema’s tenure was marked by various unethical activities.

With Leema no longer in his ministerial role, Lahai asserts that the former official will inevitably face the repercussions of his alleged misdeeds.

In Lahai’s words, “Extend my deepest regards to Lahai Lawrence Leema. The time has come for him to be held accountable for his actions over the years. Justice must be served.”