Minister of Agriculture Henry Musa Kpaka has commissioned and handed over two new landing crafts to farmers in the riverine communities of Gbondapi in Pujehun District and Torma Bum in Bonthe District.

Minister Kpaka emphasized that this initiative is part of President Bio’s broader plan to enhance the Feed Salone Project, which aims to ensure active participation from every community. The minister acknowledged the longstanding transportation challenges faced by these communities, highlighting how the new landing crafts will facilitate the movement of goods, thereby boosting agricultural productivity.

The landing crafts were officially handed over to Md. Yatta Sama, President of the National Federation of Farmers, on behalf of the farmers and the communities. The minister noted that these crafts would significantly ease the transportation of produce and equipment, enabling faster and more efficient agricultural operations.

“President Bio, in his wisdom, understands that farmers cannot reach their full potential without adequate support,” stated Minister Kpaka.

“The provision of these landing crafts is a testament to our commitment to ensuring the success of the Feed Salone Project. These districts are pivotal hubs for the project, and with this support, we are confident they will thrive.”