At a ceremony held at the conference room of the Ministry of Lands Housing and Country Planning, some Surveyors were given certificates of recognition, effectively giving them legal signatory status to survey plans. The meeting was graced by the President of the Bar Association, Madam Swallow Esq. President of the Licensed Surveyors Association, E.C.A Forster, Director of Surveys and Lands, Tamba Dauda and members of the press.

During the meeting, the Minister of Lands, Dr. Turad Senesie, told the audience that his ministry has had a lot of challenges, of which the area of enough surveyors was a serious concern. He noted that since the colonial era, they have come a long way to now using technology to demarcate land. He also noted that there are many instances of one individual having acres of land, whilst other compatriots have none, and maintained that they are on the verge of addressing such situation. He furthered that the delays in the signing of plans by the surveyors is the processes that should be followed and the number of Licensed surveyors at the time, and recognized the effect of such action on the legal profession in the discharge of their duties, he however assured that with more surveyors and the introduction of technology, this will soon be a thing of the past.

Dr. Senesie also disclosed that government is doing its best to provide affordable housing for the people, and in the coming year, the investors in that sector will commence operations in building houses. He furthered that documents in respect of this project have been signed and work will soon start. This action is part of the desire of the President to provide affordable housing for Sierra Leoneans. He noted that in this age of technology, there is need to build the capacity of the surveyors in line with the on-going reforms in the sector, adding that plans are on the way to get the University to offer courses to empower the surveyors. He noted that the experience of surveyors will be an additional value to the training, and this current electronic system, digital revolution in the ministry will soon eliminate the number of cases in the Courts and will eradicate the amount of Land grabbing that is taking place, as each land owner will have his property captured electronically in their data.

In her contribution, the President of the Bar Association, Lawyer Swallow, expressed joy in being part of the ceremony, and is hopeful that with this increase in the number of Licensed Surveyors, their work will be made easier, as signing of survey plans will be enhanced and reduce the burden on their clients, raise revenue for the government and address outstanding matters in the Courts.

In his statement, the President of the Licensed Surveyors Association, E.C.A. Forster, said that the recruitment of more surveyors is a step in the right direction, and assured the newly certified surveyors that their job demands integrity and honesty. He furthered that unlike Lawyers, where a qualified newly called to the Bar lawyer has to go through a pupilage of a senior legal practitioner, theirs is going straight to the field in the company of others. He noted that there are temptations along the way, bit admonished them to exercise professionalism and do the right thing. He furthered that before signing of any plan, they should get the consent of the Director, so as to know the situation in respect of the said property, and be able to do the right thing. He admonished them to take their manual as their Bible and Quran of the job and should master it, so as to be able to work in accordance with the dictates of the statutes.

According to The Times SL Newspaper, among the certified Surveyors is Alpha Sesay, former Regional Surveyor South, who many describe as one of the most experienced Surveyors that has always demonstrated professionalism in the cause of duty.

The meeting was climaxed by a question-and-answer session and the distribution of certificates to the worthy recipients.