A significant quantity of Kush and Cannabis has been seized by the Police at Madamaya Police Post in the Kambia District on Wednesday 9th August 2023.

authorities at the Madamaya Police Post in the Kambia District successfully intercepted a vehicle attempting to cross the border between Sierra Leone and Guinea. The vehicle, identified by its registration number APT 618, was found to be carrying a substantial haul of narcotics, including Kush and Cannabis.

The operation, which took place on Wednesday, resulted in the arrest of four individuals, one of whom is a woman.

They have been taken into custody to aid the police in their ongoing investigation into the origins and distribution network of these illegal substances.

Several deaths have been happening recently due to the traverse effect of Kush. Days ago two young men died on the street after smoking Kush around Waterloo and Freetown communities.

Law enforcers have been in a serious fight to stop this drug from circulation but it has been a battle that is hard to won with most of the users saying they take the drug because they are frustrated with their lives due to the hard life in the country.