The council of Legal Education Sierra Leone Law School has organised the 2022 “Call to the Bar” and Certification Ceremony for new Lawyers on Wednesday 30th November, at the Freetown International Conference Centre, Aberdeen.

Prominent personalities were in attendance including the Honourable chief justice Desmond Babatunde Edwards.

During the ceremony, there was a procession of graduands, a procession of the Honourable Chief Justice, Benchers and Members of the Council of Legal Education.

There were presentations of prizes and a vote of Thanks was done by the Star Pupil.

The call to the bar is a legal term of art in most common law jurisdictions where persons must be qualified to be allowed to argue in court on behalf of another party and are then said to have been “called to the bar” or to have received “call to the bar”. The Call to the bar” term can also refer to any attorney who has completed the licensing process and is admitted to practice law in a given jurisdiction.